Tuesday, May 14, 2019

SmartPoints and Zero Point Foods

Not losing weight? You're eating too many zero point foods.

Some people start counting points for zero point foods after consuming a certain number of servings per day (e.g., count 2 points for each serving of fruit after your first two "free" servings). That is too complex for me, so I took a different approach: My target daily points are 23, and my target weekly points are 35, for an average of 28 total points per day (23 + 35/7). I eat my daily points (23), and I don't use my weekly points. I treat my weekly points (5 per day, on average) as a "buffer" for the relatively large amount of zero point foods I eat.

For example: In a typical day, I will have a zero-point breakfast, and a 3 point lunch, and a 10 point dinner, for a total of 13 points. That is the lowest points I can eat in a day and still be within my recommended daily point range. But I eat a lot of zero-point foods: Three to four servings of fruit, several servings of eggs, two servings of beans, at least one serving of protein, and one to two servings of fat-free Greek yogurt. From a calorie perspective, that gets me to the calories I need for the day.

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