Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tip: Tracking Zero-Point Foods

Tracking foods is an important part of WW. It is important to learn how many points various foods have, to learn which foods are healthy (to eat more) and which are less healthy (to eat less). Tracking is a good habit to get into, because not tracking can lead to laziness and sleepiness with making sure one is eating within one's daily and weekly points. Tracking is a great way to be mindful about what one is eating.

Tracking zero-point foods (fruits, vegetables, eggs, lean meats, beans) can be time intensive, especially when eating a lot of them (e.g., a salad). So rather than track individual ingredients or even individual zero-point foods, I created a custom zero-calorie food called "Zero-Point Food", favorited it, and I just track that.

For example, for breakfast I often have egg whites, with one or two hard boiled eggs, and fresh fruit. Those are all zero-point foods, but tracking 3 items is time intensive and sometimes leads me to not track at all (a bad habit!).  So now I track my "Zero-Point Food" favorite to mentally check that I did eat a healthy breakfast. It also counts towards Wellness Wins points!
"Zero-Point Food" Custom Food Entry

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