Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What If Your Trigger is Time, Not Food?

What if your binge eating trigger is not a specific food, but an event, like time, or a feeling, like stress?

I have read that people who aren't food-specific make their limits time-specific, to eat three meals per day, where each meal has a start and a stop point, and you do not eat other than during those three eating periods. Coming up with some rule to follow (whatever the rule was), was important because I can operate well with rules ... as long as I know what they are and they're targeting my problem.

Focus on the time you are usually triggered. When you get triggered, what can you do to not eat?  Go to bed early and read a book (so you stay out of the kitchen); promise yourself to just get through ONE evening without bingeing... just ONE. Focusing on how proud you'll feel tomorrow morning to have gotten through ONE evening. Forget points, weight, etc... your mission is to go to sleep tonight proud of yourself, and tomorrow when you get up you can eat all the healthy stuff you want.

Take a compulsive urge hour by hour and just get through one day. Forget about the bigger issues. You have to take it one tiny step at a time. I even set a timer on my watch or phone to look at and say "hey, I've made it 8 hours since my last binge... good job me... let's keep that streak going."

Your accomplishment at first is not that you've lost weight, but is "I haven't binged for ___ hours."

Pre-plan what you're going to do today, and visualize what gets you to success. If what you did yesterday worked well, do that again. But you have xx hours of success behind you ... you're just going to keep that going through today. Be aggressive against anything that might break your rules ... if you feel a temptation, be aggressive against it and tell it "nope, not today. maybe some other day, but not today..... I'm doing this for me!"

Get through 1 hour of not eating your trigger/binge foods. Then 2 hours. Count them. 12 hours. 24 hours!! 2 days.... you'll have cravings and urges. Eat everything else! Not the binge foods. A week will feel like an eternity. Just take it one day at a time and celebrate each day. I literally count the hours and days and pat myself on the back.

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