Tuesday, May 14, 2019

WW Food Tracking

I use the WW app and website religiously for tracking. I track all my food, excluding zero-point food. In the past when I had a binge day, I track the binge. Having data is helpful to keep me motivated and learn about what foods are good and bad for me.

I do not eat anything without knowing in advance what its points value is. Particularly the first month on WW when I was still learning what foods had high vs. low points, I researched all foods before eating. Otherwise it is easy to eat an entire days worth of points in one meal by accidentally picking high-point foods.

I pretrack meals when I know I will be dining out. I scour the restaurant's menu in advance and pick out my meal, enter it into the app, to budget points, make sure I stick to healthy options, and stay within my points budget for the day. Pretracking prevents point overages as it establishes rules for future meals, especially when eating at restaurants.

I use Favorites to store frequent foods and custom meals to make tracking easier.

As I mentioned, I do not track zero-point foods: Mainly fruits and vegetables, lean meat, beans, eggs, and Greek yogurt.

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